Just a little insight into what you're getting yourself into! Other than knowing by now that I take great, like really great, amounts of happiness from getting to capture magic as it unfolds! The knowing that you'd be in the best hands, that there is a clear streamline. Most most of all, that you'll have photos to reflect WHO you are as a couple, and not just photos of the things that happened and who was there.

Map it out

The one thing that matters most to me is that throughout this process you will be fully confident that you won't stress at all about your wedding and the pictures you'll have for years to come.

a breeze with me

In your portal we will keep all communication, invoices, the contract, questionnaires, etc. This is to make life easier for all. One dedicated space = organized = no stress.

It's happening! By now, you're just excited, knowing you're in good hands, with a third-wheel you don't feel awkward around, someone you know CARES and won't miss a beat!

We will meet 6 months before the wedding to catch up. Then 3-1 month before the wedding to create or refine the timeline, and then 1 week before the wedding. This is HUGE when it comes to reducing stress and furthering our bond.

We aren't strangers any more, and from here on out we'll only get to know each other even better through consultations which include figuring out timelines, going over stress points, and generally laughing.

& it don't stop

We had fun, you felt all the emotions, you saw me running all over the place catching different angles, laughing with your family and friends and we all tore up that dance floor!

Happy first day as newlyweds! Today you will receive 2-4 wedding photos so you can announce your joy with the world! No couple of mine will be posting iPhone photos!

Time for you to snuggle with your partner, grab a glass of wine, put on your favorite playlist & re-live all the moments from your wedding day!

A week of culling and color-correcting, and 2-6 weeks of fine-tuning in Photoshop. Anywhere between 1-2 months you will receive your full wedding gallery!

All your photos are now secured in two memory cards, on my laptop, on the cloud. Now starts the culling process, and tone-editing, every single image is processed in Lightroom and fine-tuned in photoshop.

Austin Hills Engagement Session